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Eisenberg law group pc- hire them for the highest car accident settlement claim.

Eisenberg law group pc- hire them for the highest car accident settlement claim.

Every year, the USA experiences more than 7-8 million car accidents. A person that causes an accident is liable to pay damages suffered by all the victims of the same crash he/she caused.

To receive such damages, you will either go on your own to engage in negotiation settlements with the at-fault party or negotiate with their insurance companies.

According to data, CALIFORNIA state leads others as a state with the highest number of car accidents which contributes to more than 60% of all the personal injury cases in the same state.

If you or your loved one is injured, the question would be, should he/she hire a car accident attorney? why? what law firm around California has the best customer rating?

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Who are Eisenberg law group pc?

Eisenberg law group pc is a law firm located in California USA. The law group specializes in serving people all over California, who have been unlawfully injured, and also serves people with unemployment issues.

With its headquarters at 23801 Calabasas Road, Suite 2030 Calabasas, CA 91302, the law firm was founded by a prominent personal injury lawyer known as Gary Eisenberg who is co-running the Eisenberg law group pc with his son called Jason Eisenberg. 

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According to their website, these experienced California car accident lawyers have more than 30 years of offering legal representation to injured Californians, and pride themselves on being the attorneys that hold a record of winning the highest car accident settlement amounts. 

The founding attorney Gary Eisenberg upon graduation first worked for insurance companies against injury clients and mastered all the trades auto insurance companies use to cheat clients, or kill personal injury cases.

He later changed his mind and felt it was unfair to cheat injured clients instead of helping them, a trait that is not common with many insurance companies. 

According to Gary Eisenberg, insurance companies do not like compensating clients, instead, they want to keep maximum profits, a reason they will do what it takes to deny your claim or pay you peanuts following an accident.

Why Choose Eisenberg Law Group PC

If you or your loved one around California suffered personal injuries, these are the reasons you should highly think of hiring Eisenberg personal injury lawyers. 

1. Rich experience in handling personal injuries. According to Eisenberg law group pc, Gary Eisenberg has helped millions of injured clients get the highest possible offer after accidents. 

These lawyers have been doing the same work for the last 35 years and have learned all the tricks lawyers use to win any personal injury case. Having first worked for many insurance companies, Gary Eisenberg knows the right buttons to press if you want insurance companies to listen to you.

2. Specialist personal injury lawyers. I have said this many times. Would you love to see a generalist doctor for your heart problem, or you would rather see a cardiologist? Well, the Eisenberg law group pc specializes in 2 areas only ie personal injuries and employment issues. 

3. Success rate. According to Gary Eisenberg, rarely does the law firm not win their cases. According to statistics, more than 90% of personal injury cases are settled out of court. 

Because of the above fact, most lawyers do not want to go to court and will force you to accept any offer on the table from the at-fault party or their insurance companies. 

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On the other hand, car accident attorneys from Eisenberg law group pc are different. They are known as trial lawyers and will not hesitate to file a car accident or personal injury lawsuit should the insurance company continue ‘lowballing” you.

4. Best customer rating scores. Eisenberg law group PC has a 5/5 google rating score, a 5/5 yelp rating, and 4.5/5 glassdoor rating scores.

5. best payment terms. All the customers I spoke to have nothing but good experience as far as legal fees are concerned. You will not face hidden legal fees if you hired Eisenberg car accident lawyers. 

You will need to pay them on a no-win no-pay basis. We call this contingency fee-based terms. You will pay 33% of the car accident settlement that is awarded to you by either the insurance company or the jury.

Steps Involved in the car Settlement Claim Process

The processes involved in a car accident settlement are complex ones and to be frank, sometimes you may need the help of an experienced car accident attorney, if you want to get a significant settlement amount. 

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Below are steps involved in the car accident process you need to follow if you want to be successful.

1. Report the accident. You should report the car crash immediately to the police and insurance company. A car accident police report is necessary for both building your case and for your claim process. Your insurance company may also want to get notified in time to start processing your claim. 

2. Gather evidence. To build a strong claim or case, you will need pieces of evidence like photos of the accident scene, eyewitness statements, accident footage, photos showing injuries suffered, medical records, and police reports. 

3. Determine liability. Liability refers to the person that caused the accident, or a person that is responsible for your injuries. The evidence collected at the scene will help in determining the person that should be blamed for the accident or your injuries.

4. Negotiate with Insurance companies. You or your legal team needs to engage the insurance company for settlement offers. 

Hiring top personal injury lawyers from Eisenberg law group increases your likelihood of getting a car accident settlement offer that is 3-5X higher.

5. Filing a car accident lawsuit. Only 5% of personal injury cases especially car accidents go to trial. Car accident attorneys from Eisenberg law group PC do not hesitate to take your case to trial if the insurance company refused to offer a reasonable amount during the settlement negotiation process.

6. Attend trial or mediation. There are rare instances where a car accident case is settled through mediation. Mediation is the process where a neutral third party person helps the conflicting parties to settle their conflict. 

If the car accident settlement trial fails, your Eisenberg law group pc car accident lawyers will advise you accordingly by either pursuing the lawsuit or accepting the mediation settlement offers.

7. Receive your compensation. Depending on the evidence presented, you could win or lose the lawsuit. The jury or judge usually determines what is worth your injuries and other financial losses. 

The damages (settlement) that are awarded to you will usually include reimbursement of your medical bills, lost wages, lost potential to earn, disability and disfigurement damages, mental anguish, pain and suffering and so many others, depending on how the accident has affected you and your family.

Types of Compensation Available

A car accident victim is entitled to so much damage. The damages payable to you will depend on the laws in your state, and insurance policies. 

In some fault states like Alabama, Maryland, and North Carolina, what you will receive may depend on whether you are partly to blame for the accident or not. Having that said, the following are types of compensation available to you if you are wrongly injured.

1. Special damages. These are also known as economic damages and include all damages that can be a signed monetary value. These include medical expenses, lost potential to earn, out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, etc.

2. General damages. These are also called non-economic damages because you can not assign a dollar value to such damages. They include damages like emotional distress, mental anguish, lost of guidance and love, disfigurement and scarring, and pain and suffering.

3. Depending on the circumstances of the accident and the degree of negligence exhibited by the liable person, the jury or judge could award the personal injury victim treble and or punitive damages.

From my own findings, not all injured persons receive the above damages partly because they do not know their legal entitlements, or do not know how to present the required pieces of evidence.

A car accident attorney from Eisenberg law firm will fight tooth and nail to see that you receive every damage that you are entitled to. You can call Eisenberg law group PC at 213-616-5353 for a free case evaluation today.

Contact Eisenberg Law Group PC

If you need to speak to an attorney from the Eisenberg group pc of personal injury lawyers, below is how to contact the law group.

1. Speak to one of their attorneys at Los Engels law offices of Eisenberg law group at 23801 Calabasas Road, Suite 2030, Calabasas, CA 91302, Los Angeles.

2. You can also speak to Eisenberg law group pc Calabasas by walking to the headquarter offices located at 23801 Calabasas Road, Suite 2030

Calabasas, CA 91302.

3. Reach out to Eisenberg law group pc at 1300 Eastman Avenue, Suite 301, Ventura, CA 93003 Phone: (805) 578-1010 and 

4. You can also reach out to the law firm at San Bernardino, 2130 N Arrowhead Ave Suite 209, San Bernardino, CA 92405


To sum up, if you’re looking for a legal team that has a successful history of getting substantial car accident settlements, the Eisenberg Law Group PC is the best option. 

Their skilled attorneys will work hard to protect your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. You can rely on them to handle your case with care and expertise.

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