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Injury car accident claim: Average settlement offers during mediation (well explained)

Following a car accident, your car insurance company can decide to settle your claim quickly, or at worst deny your claim. Is there an average settlement offer during mediation? what is mediation as applied insurance claim dispute resolution? what are the differences between mediation, arbitration, and litigation? Should you try mediation or go on with lawsuits (litigation) if the insurance company denies your car accident settlement claim? well, this article answers this comprehensively.


There is no average claim settlement offered during mediation because each claim dispute is different. Bodily injuries and car damages differ from one car accident to another, and settlement amounts differ too. However, certain things like negotiation tips, expectations, and atmospheric feelings may not differ

Question: Did you know you can save lots of money by choosing mediation instead of trial? Read on to find out how.

Examples of cases that can be resolved through mediation are:

  • Personal injury claim disputes
  • Small business conflicts
  • Family law disputes
  • Breach of contract and 
  • Real estate conflicts.

This article is comprehensively long and answers many related questions. You are free to jump to sections of your interest by going through the contents below. Alright, here we go.

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How often does mediation work?

Filing lawsuits is damn expensive and it is always a wise decision to try other ways of conflict resolution like mediation. Costs involved in filing lawsuits in courts of law include:

  • Processing fees and other filing costs.
  • Costs to do with photocopying documents, and processing all evidence.
  • Costs of hiring your witnesses -both expert and special witnesses.
  • Travel expenses
  • Hiring attorneys
  • Time-consuming and other (it takes years to receive a judgment)
  • Emotional constraints.
  • Other court fees.

If you are still wondering if you should take your case to courts of law or not, here are the average costs of common cases that undergo trial other than mediation:

  • The average cost of automobile cases is around $43,000.
  • Premises liability costs around $54,000.
  • Cases of real property costs are around $66,000
  • Cases to do with the employment cost $88,000
  • Contacts cases on average cost $91,000 and
  • Cases to do with malpractice costs around $122,000.

Depending on so many factors like the number of witnesses, the evidence required, and the kind of law firms you visited, the average cost of personal injury lawsuits is around $1,500 to $5,000. Though this is cheaper compared to the cases mentioned above, your lawyer will pocket around 30-40% of the final settlement fee making it expensive just like other cases already mentioned.

So, instead of filing expensive and time-consuming lawsuits, trying other informal ways of resolving your conflict is the way to go, and it is never cheaper and easier than mediation. 

During mediation, the impartial person helps 2 parties to resolve their differences and this is done in 1-2 days. Unless you hire an attorney to talk on your behalf, the only cost involved is paying the mediator, a cost that is half split between the parties.

The mediator acts neutral and offers no legal advice. He/she is usually a retired judge or assigned attorney and only guides the mediation process. He sets the house rules and all the guidelines to be followed by the 2 parties. Both parties are encouraged to discuss freely till a resolution is attained. what is discussed is not binding so parties are free to talk their hearts out since what is said can not be used against them in the courts should mediation fail to resolve the matters.

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What are the 3 types of conflict or dispute resolution?

If you had a car accident in which the injuries or damages are covered by your insurance policy, you will need to file a compensation claim. Ask any person who has experience in dealing with any insurance company and the answer is most likely to be – “it’s a nightmare”.


All insurance companies are in the business to make profits. To them, profits are much more important than customers so believe it or not, the claim process is never an enjoyable experience. If you just filed your claim, you know that most likely this process could end up in a serious dispute or conflict between you and your insurance company.

If you need a settlement payout but the insurance claim stonewalls you, what do you do? Do you run to courts of law straightway? Do you make more efforts to engage your claims adjuster? what if you still get meager offers? 

Well, there are 3 basic types of conflict or dispute resolution you could try and these are:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration and finally 
  • litigation.

What does it mean to do mediation?

Mediation is the process where the parties in conflict sit with a neutral third-party person who assists and facilitate the resolution of their conflicts.

Amidst a third, neutral, and impartial person (mediator) you and your insurance company sit down and resolve your claim disputes. Mediation can be initiated by the parties in conflict or can be recommended by the courts of law since it is the fastest way of conflict resolution. If you want to know the differences between mediation, arbitration, and litigation, follow this site.

Does mediation mean settlement?

Mediation does not mean conflict settlement but is the first step toward dispute resolution if the 2 conflicting parties fail to reach a consensus. The mediator helps isolate the burning points in the conflict and guides the parties to come up with solutions.

If you and your insurance company did not agree on a car accident settlement payout, your attorney and insurance representatives have the option of going to the round table and looking for resolutions with the help of a mediator.

According to statistics, more than 85% of cases are settled by the mediation process. In fact, all courts of law recommend mediation as the first means of claim-conflict resolution before inefficient, costly, and ever-lasting trials.

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How long is the process of mediation?

Mediation is an informal process of dispute resolution and settlement. If the 2 parties are willing to settle their case outside the courts of law, then mediation or arbitration is the way to go. 

How long the process of mediation lasts depends on the following:

  • Party’s willingness to settle the case. If both parties are really interested in settling their differences, the process could conclude by end of half day.
  • If the claimant accepts to take home an amount less than expected.
  • The defendant (insurance company) willingness to pay more than what was planned.
  • The skill-set of the mediator.
  • The gravity of the dispute in the conflict. For instance, if the plaintiff underwent expensive medical procedures or lost expensive property-such cases are complex and need much more amounts of money as a settlement.

What is common to many mediation processes is that discussions or negotiations start slow but pick up as the day goes on. Negotiations usually pick up after lunchtime when either of the parties wants to go home and tend to other chores. My advice for the claimant is not to give in easily to the offers from the insurance company. Your company may want to stone-wall you till you accept their peanut offer. 

If you think mediation is not going to yield what you deserve, there is still room to file a lawsuit and let the courts of law decide what you are entitled to. Many lawyers experienced in personal injuries from a car accident know that there is little chance for the insurance company to win such cases. Actually, many insurance firms will charge you nothing till your settlement because they are very sure the claimant always wins in such lawsuits.

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Personal injury mediation settlement amounts

Of course, each case has its own possible settlement fees. Settlement payouts for minor accidents where there were minor injuries usually settle for low amounts compared to when there were major injuries or extensive property damages.

car crash

car accident

Experienced lawyers know exactly how to compute what you deserve depending on the evidence available. If you had a car accident, you should get compensated for:

  • Economic losses like lost income, medical bills, inability to fend for self, and others.
  • Non-economic losses like pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, and psychological effects of the accident.
  • You should also get compensated for any property loss like a damaged vehicle or totaled car.

In the worst scenario, a personal injury case could settle for few amount of money though many cases usually settle for thousands or ten thousand dollars. In most cases, the average personal injury mediation settlement is anywhere between $3,000 towards $80,000.

The shortcut to higher personal injury settlement depends on factors like your negotiation skills, how prepared you when you entered the mediation room, the negotiation skills of the defendant, the gravity of the disputes, and others. I recommend you hire an attorney to negotiate on your behalf because most likely your insurance company will send one of their attorneys too.

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What to expect at settlement mediation?

Going into mediation, many questions could be lingering in your mind. Though not all mediation processes are similar, the core principles remain the same. You should do enough preparations and if need be contact your lawyer for a piece of advice.

Here are what to expect at settlement mediation:

  • The mediator will take no sides and neither will he offer any side legal advice. 
  • What you say during mediation can not be used against you in courts of law.
  • The final settlement will be signed by both parties in dispute and the outcome is legally binding. Going against what you agreed and signed has legal implications.
  • Your mediator may decide to sit the 2 parties in a single room or go in separate rooms with the mediator engaging each party separately. Both parties will agree on their favorite model.
  • The plaintiff (claimant) starts with a higher settlement fee whereas the defendant will likely suggest the lowest possible offer. This could potentially raise tempers and make you lose hope in the mediation. Things will change believe me.
  • Not all cases are settled during mediation although 75-85% of cases are usually settled. Most of the cases are settled by the end of half day.

How long after mediation will I get my settlement?

You should have agreed with the defendant during mediation after how long you should receive your money. But according to my claims adjuster, your payment should not exceed 6 months after mediation unless there are other additional issues at hand. 


Should the insurance company delay paying you, I suggest you let your attorney go after them as soon as possible. Like I said in other articles on this site, insurance companies will do all it takes in their efforts to delay paying your settlement to get profit/interest on your money. Sometimes you must show a little bit of aggressiveness if the company plays such tactics.

What happens if we can’t agree on anything during meditation?

The mediator has no right to make any decision during mediation. He/she is supposed to oversee the negotiations and offer correct directions where possible. Actually, 10-25% of cases are not settled during mediation. 

I have heard that it required 1-3 days for certain cases to settle during mediation so better give it another chance if there are signs of settlement. If you can not agree on anything during mediation, there are other options to try like:

  • Schedule for another session though you will have to pay the mediator another day’s charge.
  • Continue your negotiations by phone calls.
  • Further negotiations through your attorney.
  • Filing lawsuits against the defendant (Insurance company)

How often do car accident cases go to court?

You should have your claim settled as soon as after assessment by your claims adjuster, or your claim settlement should not last for 9-18 months unless there is something fishy going on.

From available data, most car accident claims are handled by insurance companies before they go for trial. This is because insurance companies do not want to spend money. These companies are smart and know when to act to save their Dollars. 

According to information from my insurance broker, 90-95% of claims are handled at the insurance company level, meaning that only 5-10% of all claim settlement disputes end up in courts of law.

How to settle car accident personal injury claim?

Speak to any person with experience of car accident claim settlement and the answer you will get is, that it was not a pleasant one. Car insurance behaves friendly while looking for customers but change faces when settling car accident claims.

car accident injuries

Yes, you can deal with your insurance company and get a fair settlement. Many of my friends who have successfully received a fair settlement are happy with the payout but many and many of them still curse the day. In simple terms, Insurance companies are a nightmare to deal with. Most likely your first suggested settlement offer will be a joke!

Secrets to Settling Your Car Accident Injury Claim

If you want to settle a personal injury claim, here are top secrets to settling your car accident injury claim:

  • Do not leave the accident scene not until a police officer arrives and compiles a car accident report. 
  • Call 911 and accept going to the hospital by ambulance.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene, cars in contact, and car accidents in relation to the surroundings.
  • Exchange information with the other driver like telephone numbers, names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers, car license plates, insurance information, etc.
  • Do not accept accident faults. Do not say you are sorry or say any incriminating statements. Let the authority find out the fault driver.
  • Inform your insurance company as soon as possible about the accident. 
  • Hire an attorney immediately unless you think the accident was minor with not many injuries.
  • Let your insurance company not rush you to accept low settlements. You probably deserve more.
  • Keep daily logs of your pain and suffering.
  • Do not stop going to your Doctor’s appointments.
  • Do not tell the traffic police you feel fine at the car accident scene.
  • Go to the hospital immediately if you feel pain or see injuries. some injuries show up hours or days later.
  • Let your attorney speak or negotiate on your behalf.

Average settlement offers during mediation in Florida

Mediation is less expensive than lawsuits. If you are living in Florida, there is no definite settlement fee for personal injury because the expectation depends on the gravity of the accident you had and how much you want as a settlement. 

Your attorney should help you evaluate all the pain and suffering and correctly get the monetary compensation. The average offers during mediation in Florida is around $3,000 to $75,000. But this varies case by case.

Average settlement offers during mediation in Ontario

Pain and suffering are very hard to determine. Experienced lawyers exactly know how much you are entitled to after a car accident. If you are living in Ontario, the average settlement for pain and suffering is around $120,000.

Untitled design 4

If you decided to try mediation, there is no amount to base your negotiations on. Your settlement will depend on factors I earlier explained. Speak to your attorney and discuss a figure that is fair as far as your injuries or losses are concerned.

In summary, mediation is one of the cheapest and most informal ways of resolving any conflict before a lawsuit is filed. Both you (claimant) and the defendant agree on the mediator who will help your resolve your issues. The average settlement fee during the mediation process depends on the 2 conflicting parties, willingness to adjust in expectations, negotiation skills, and gravity of the case at hand. Failure to resolve your car accident claim calls for other conflict resolution ways like litigation or arbitration.