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Eisenberg law group pc Calabasas- car accident attorneys

Eisenberg law group pc Calabasas- car accident attorneys

Every year, there are more than 7.5 million auto accidents in the USA. From my research, auto accidents account for more than 60% of personal injuries reported in the USA.

A person that is injured due to the negligence of another party, is entitled to be compensated for the financial losses and injuries suffered. The injured person should receive damages such as medical expenses reimbursement, lost wages, emotional distress, pain, and suffering.

But did you know that hiring an attorney from Eisenburg law firm for personal injuries increases your likelihood of getting the highest compensation settlement in California?

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Eisenberg law group of personal injury lawyers is one of the largest law firms in California fighting for the rights of injured people all over the area. With more than 35 years protecting the rights of the injured, Gary Eisenberg and his attorney son Jason Eisenberg are one of the best car accident attorneys you will ever hire.

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Why hire Eisenberg law group pc personal injury lawyers?

With offices in more than 4 locations ie Los Angeles, Calabasas, Ventura, and San Bernardino, Eisenberg personal injury lawyers are one of the best across California.

Gary Eisenberg the founder first worked for insurance companies for more than a decade before he turned his back and decided to protect the rights of the injured. He says after learning all the tactics insurance companies employ to cheat the injured, his conscious told him to do the opposite thus turning guns to his former employers.

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Because Gary Eisenberg worked for car insurance companies first, he has the richest experience and knows better how to counteract all the tricks an insurance company uses to cheat you. This is the very reason why Eisenberg law group has won the largest settlements yet tackling the most complicated cases in California.

Eisenberg law group pc practice areas

You do not want to hire a generalist lawyer to handle your car accident case or any other personal injury case. This is likened to going to a generalist doctor when you are suffering from a heart disease other than seeing a cardiologist, right?

Well, Eisenberg law group pc only handles personal injury cases only and serves clients all over California. Eisenberg injury lawyers handle clients who have been injured through the following.

1. Car accidents. Did you or any of your loved ones get involved in any auto accidents like car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, etc, look no further than Eisenberg law group pc Calabas. 

2. Slip and fall accidents. Everyone has a duty to protect others from harm while on their premises. If you slipped and fell in the bank, grocery stores, escalators, elevators, restaurants, etc, you may be entitled to damages. Reach out to Eisenberg law group pc Calabas at 213-616-5353.

3. Motorcycle Accidents. It is estimated that more than 1000 perish in motorcycle accidents in the USA yearly. A motorcycle-car accident is so devastating due to the sheer size of the car compared to a motorcycle. According to their website, Eisenberg law group PC has won over $500 million in settlements for motorcycle accident victims.

4. Bus accidents. If you or your loved one has been hit by a bus, then you or he deserves to be compensated for personal injuries and financial losses suffered. 

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A person that is hit by a bus usually gets compensated by the driver, and the company that owns the bus. Car accident lawyers from Eisenberg law group pc know better how to squeeze the top dollar from such companies and their insurance companies.

5. Traumatic brain injuries. These are one of the deadliest and most life-threatening injuries you could ever get. In California, the average settlement for traumatic brain injury is around $1.6 or more. 

But, to get a such huge settlement, you only need an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows all the tricks insurance companies use to kill personal injury cases. You do not want to hire any lawyers other than Eisenberg law group personal injury lawyers.

6. Other personal injury cases that are expertly handled by Eisenberg law group pc are dog bite victims, truck accident victims, wrongful deaths, product liability victims are so many others.

How does Eisenberg law group PC handle personal injury cases?

These car accident lawyers have gathered enough experience over 37 years of handling only injury cases. Their approach to handling injury cases is so unique compared to other ordinary lawyers I have seen and hired. 

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Below is their approach.

1. Building your personal injury case. Gary Eisenberg and his son Jason Eisenberg will first connect you to expert medical doctors to build your evidence for the injuries you sustained. 

Connecting you with expert health workers helps in getting evidence for bodily injuries, disability or disfigurement, medical bills, and pain and suffering. You need this piece of evidence to make successful claims from any insurance company.

2. Gather the evidence needed to win a settlement. Whether you filed a car accident lawsuit or you are claiming through the insurance company, what you need is non-contestable pieces of evidence, which only car accident lawyers know about.

A car accident lawyer from Eisenberg law group PC calabash will gather pieces of evidence like photos of the injuries and accident scene, eyewitness statements, expert witnesses, car accident footage, and medical records and keeps track of how the personal injuries are affecting you and your family.

3. File for proper claims. A person that is injured is entitled to damages like medical bills, lost wages, lost potential to earn, mental anguish, disability/disfigurement, lost enjoyment in life, emotional distress, pain and suffering et,

It’s true most people are cheated by insurance companies because they do not know what they are entitled to. This is the very reason, insurance companies do not love the idea of you hiring a personal injury lawyer. 

By hiring Eisenberg car accident lawyers, the insurance company will not hesitate to offer you the best settlement offer because this law group is known as trial attorneys as opposed to other lawyers that fear going to court.

Location of Eisenberg law group pc

Eisenberg law group pc is headquartered in Calabas but has offices across California. Below are their addresses.

1.Calabasas offices: 23801 Calabasas Road, Suite 2030 Calabasas, CA 91302

2. Los Angeles Offices: 811 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1720 Los Angeles, CA 90017. Phone: (661)-268-0431

3. Ventura offices: 1300 Eastman Avenue, Suite 301 Ventura, CA 93003 Phone: (805) 578-1010 and

4.San Bernardino offices: 2130 N Arrowhead Ave Suite 209 San Bernardino, CA 92405

How much does Eisenberg’s car accident lawyer charges?

The good thing about hiring Eisenberg law group pc injury lawyers is that you won’t pay anything not until the lawyers won you a settlement. We call this a contingency fee basis.

You will only be required to pay a certain percentage of the settlement awarded to you by either the insurance company or the jury. 

Here is an example. Julie recently hired Eisenberg law group car accident lawyer after suffering a fractured femur in a car accident. At first, Julie went on her own to negotiate a settlement from Geico insurance company but her offer was very disappointing!

“I was actually offered $24,000 which was not even worth my medical bill”, says Julie. 

“I hired an attorney from Eisenberg law group PC, and I was very amazed after my first offer was $75,000″, continued Julie. 

“After additional negotiations, I and my Eisenberg attorney accepted $95,600” concluded Julie. 

According to Julie, she actually paid 33% of her settlement as legal fees. Doing simple math, you see that Julie paid exactly $31,350 to Eisenberg law group. From other sources, personal injury lawyers charge between 28-40% for personal injury cases.

The above statements actually confirm my initial research. In my simple research, I was able to discover that, hiring a good car accident attorney increases your chances of getting a settlement offer that is at least 3-5X higher.


Located in Calabasas, Eisen law group is one of the top law firms that has repeatedly won large settlements for injured people across California. The law firm is manned by a father and a son who are top personal injury lawyers after spending more than 35 years fighting for the rights of injured people.

Eisenberg law group pc has a 5/5 yelp rating, 4/5 google rating, and 5/5 glassdoor rating.

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