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A car hit and run police report- how to report a car hit and run accident?

A car hit and run police report- how to report a car hit and run accident?

It is a requirement of the law for each driver to report a car accident, or else, the driver faces serious penalties including charges of hit and run? But, do you know how to report a car accident? If you are an accident victim, How do you get a copy of the police car accident report?

What are the ways of reporting a car accident? If you need a copy of the report, how much does it cost? Apart from the failure to report a car accident, what are other ways a driver commits a hit and run? Finally, what are the advantages of reporting a car accident to the police? 

To get answers to the above questions and many others as listed in the article contents below, you could choose to read this whole article or pick up the questions of your interest from the list below. Alright, let’s go.

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What Is a Car Accident Police Report?

A car accident police report is a document that is completed by a police officer that responds to a car accident and lists all opinions and facts related to the same car crash.

car accident police report

Almost all states in the USA require drivers to report car accidents where there were significant property damages and or any personal injuries. The drivers that are involved are not allowed to leave the scene of an accident not until they are let go by the police officer that arrived to compile the report. 

In fact, the driver that leaves the scene of an accident commits a hit-and-run unless he does the following.

  • Reports the car accident to the police
  • Stops at the accident scene and shared his personal information
  • Rendered help if there is any person injured in the accident.

In fact, To report a car hit and run accident, contact local law enforcement immediately with as much information as possible, including the make and model of the car and license plate number.

Next Steps After a Car Accident

The aftermath of an accident is characterized by uncertainties mainly due to injuries, financial losses, and fear that you will never get compensated. If you caused an accident, you could also be in for lawsuits on top of trying to revive yourself financially.

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In case you are wondering what you should do immediately after a car accident, below are your next steps after a car accident.

1. Ensure the safety of everyone. Call 911 if there are injuries or arrange transportation of the injured to the hospital. Do not move your car if there are injuries, otherwise, move your car to a safer point near the scene of the accident. 

2. Gather evidence/information. It is a requirement by the law in every state that every driver stops at the scene of an accident and shares his/her contact information with the other driver.

You should share things like your name, contact numbers, addresses, license plate number, registration, insurance company, and car insurance policy numbers.

Additionally, you are supposed to gather evidence like taking photos of the car damages, bodily injuries, photos of the accident scene, search for car accident footage from any nearby security cameras, take eyewitness statements and so many others.

4. Invite police to compile a car accident police report. Every driver must report the car crash and you do this by inviting authorities to respond to the car accident. The officers will compile a police crash report.

5. Notify your insurance company. I do not know what your insurance company’s policies are, but many insurance companies want you to report the accident as soon as possible.

What’s in a Police Car Accident Report?

A car accident police report is a report that documents the details of an accident. The report briefs cover the following.

1. Car accident details. This includes the date, time, and location of the accident. It also mentions the cars involved and the severity of the crash.

2. Driver information. The report also mentions the drivers, license plate numbers, car registration, car insurance, and insurance policy numbers. 

3. Eyewitness statements. The police crash report includes statements from people who saw what happened as far as a car accident is concerned. 

4. Diagram of car accident sketch. The police officer who responds to the accident will usually draw a rough sketch depicting the accident. This includes sketches of the cars in contact, the direction of travel, and any road markings.

5. Road and weather conditions. The police report also includes the state of the road and any weather conditions that could have contributed to the car crash.

6. Police officer observations. These include the opinions of the officer that responded to the accident. The officer usually states what he/she thinks caused the accident, the conditions of the drivers, any traffic violations, etc.

7. Charges or citations. The report will include whether any of the drivers violated traffic laws and if there were charges or citations issued to the same drivers.

Facts Versus Opinions In Police Reports

Whether it was a hit and run or not, the car accident police will usually include facts and opinions about the car accident. 

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Car accident facts about the crash include time, location, the direction of travel, the cars involved, and the drivers involved. Information like car registration, license plates, and insurance information also fall under facts in the police report.

On the other hand, opinions are what the police officer thinks caused the accident. These include whether the drivers were drunk, traffic violations, etc.

Are Police Reports Admissible In Court?

Whether police reports are admissible in court depends on the area of your jurisdiction. So, depending on where you live, a car accident police report could be or not admissible in court.

In some states, what is stated in the police report could be paramount to whether you win a lawsuit or not. In other states, only official police reports are admissible in courts of law.

How Do Insurance Companies Use Police Reports?

A car accident police report acts as evidence that you were involved in a car crash and sometimes helps in identifying the person that caused an accident, or who committed a hit-and-run.

The report includes facts about the accident which the insurance company needs to kick start their own investigations. Yes, the police officer’s opinions are important but the company usually wants to come up with its own conclusions. 

From the above proceeding paragraph, some insurance companies honor what is mentioned in the report, whereas others use only parts of the information in the report.

If it’s very clear one driver is 100% responsible for causing the accident, yes, the insurance company will use the whole information stated in the police crash report, but if there were issues of shared liability, the company will be better off doing its own investigations.

Parked Car Hit and Run Police Report

A police report that describes a hit-and-run incident involving a parked car is known as a parked car hit-and-run report. Law enforcement officials who respond to the accident scene and compile data about the incident produce the report.

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A description of the harm done to the parked car is usually included in the report, along with information regarding the incident’s date, time, and location. The report can also contain details about any eyewitnesses to the incident or any evidence that was uncovered there, including tire tracks or paint splatter.

The report’s goals are to record the occurrence and collect data that will help authorities find and bring charges against the hit-and-run driver. Insurance companies, lawyers, and other organizations may utilize this information to learn more about the occurrence or to take legal action against the at-fault party.

California Parked Car Hit and Run Police Report

“It is legally required to file a police complaint about a hit-and-run parked car occurrence in California within ten days of the incident”, Says Dolan, a car accident attorney.

The accident’s specifics, including the occasion, place, and harm done to the parked car, are described in the report. The report can also include details on the witnesses and evidence that were discovered on the scene. 

“Law enforcement and insurance firms use this information to look into the incident and determine who was at fault. In California, hit-and-run incidents can lead to criminal charges, penalties, jail time, and the suspension of a driver’s license” Concludes Dolan.

“It’s crucial to get in touch with the authorities and report a hit-and-run accident if you are the owner of a parked vehicle in California. Failing to report the accident may result in fines and jeopardize your right to damages reimbursement”, according to Owen, a policeman.

You improve your chances of locating the culprit and holding them accountable for their acts by making a police report.

Hit and Run Police Report Online

Online police reports for hit-and-run accidents can be submitted to some police departments. For people involved in a hit-and-run collision where no one was hurt and no emergency services were needed, this may be the best choice to report the crash.

“The online report normally contains information on the accident, including the date, time, and place, as well as an explanation of the harm that was done”, Says Aggrey, a police officer.

“The report can also include details regarding any witnesses or evidence that was discovered on the site. The police department will assess the report after it is received, and might then ask more questions or conduct an investigation”, Concludes Aggrey.

How to Get a Copy of a Police Report

There are instances where you may need a copy of a car accident police report. For instance, you may need it before you filed a car accident insurance claim or for your hit and run car accident lawsuit. 

The first thing to do if you need a copy of a police report is to get in touch with your local department that issued it.

“Often, you can accomplish this by dialing our number or going to our website. Certain organizations can need that you submit your request in writing or in person, together with identity documentation or a charge, in order to obtain a copy of the report”, says John, a traffic officer.

In order to receive a copy of the police report, it’s crucial to adhere to the relevant agency’s processes. These procedures can change based on the agency and the sort of report you’re requesting.


It’s a requirement of the law to file A car hit and run police report. In case you are wondering how to report a car hit and run accident, the process is simple. 

A car hit-and-run police report helps to report the crash and partly solves the liability issues by stating the facts and opinions as far as the accident is concerned.  You can report a car accident by inviting police to the scene of an accident, walking to the police offices or filing the report online.

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